Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer Bird Songs...and the Turkey

This vacation thing isn't as easy as I thought it would be...apparently there are quizzes!

I decided to take a few minutes today away from throwing things out and sorting out spaces to sit with my wife outdoors. Relaxing on our plastic Adirondack chairs (now I'm wondering if plastic grows in the Adirondacks), I was quietly enjoying the afternoon when all of a sudden my wife said, "What kind of bird is that?" She was referring to the noise coming from the nearby trees. What you need to know is that my wife is something of a bird fanatic...she gets wildly excited when a flock of turkeys makes itself at home in our front yard. If this were a once in a lifetime occurrence I might get it, but they appear daily, usually around 8 a.m.

Any who, I listened again to the chatter of the birds above us, a sort of nasally, cranky, "na-yeh, na-yeh, na-yeh," as she asked again, "What kind of bird is that?" I said, "An annoying one!" "NO," she retorted (had she been standing hands would have been on hips), "It's a Finch!"

Then, without hesitation, another, "What kind of bird is that? You should know that one!" The twittering was that now-famous-at-our-house, and oft repeated by naturalists and birders alike, the trill "een ur tee," which all report as hearing, "Drink your tea." I told her it wasn't a bird, but her grandmother calling her in for afternoon tea and cookies.

That was the last I saw of my wife for the afternoon. As she stormed off, she mumbled something about me being a turkey, which reminded me of this picture that I took last September of a real live turkey pecking at our downstairs door. My wife would say, takes one to know one..."Cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck....."

It's going to be a long summer!!!

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