Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Redux

It's hard enough shopping for Christmas, but as soon as the holiday is over we are bombarded with lists of things we should have waited to buy.

Evidently, there are items that are traditionally cheaper after that special day!

Then, there's a sea of sales flyers and discount promotions that come our way!

Here's one list that showed up today...nine things that are touted as a better deal after the 25th:

I'm not sure how to handle this information.  We all like to save money, but the idea of giving is tied to the day of the holiday, I think.  I was brought up believing that you delivered gifts before the holiday or on the holiday, so the recipient would have them for their holiday.

But with all of this "deals" information, why would we want to buy anything before Christmas when we know that, each year, the better deals come after the celebration?

In this new recessive economy, should I have given "certificates" to my gift recipients stating that I'd be buying them something after Christmas or should I have stalled seeing them until I bought it?

These questions add another dimension to the of shopping before and after the holiday, for the holiday!  I feel you have to buy Christmas presents in time for Christmas.  However, now that I can save some money, I may have to think about next year and put some people off.  I could schedule several "after-holiday" holiday get-togethers.

It's tough enough to get to, or plan and host, before-holiday parties and meals, then there's Christmas Eve, and then Christmas Day.  Now, post-Christmas gatherings for scheduled cost-reduced gift giving?

And what's the chance of getting those several persons you've delayed giving give gifts to together on the same day?  Some people have time off between Christmas and New Years, others don't.  Some have plans, some have to travel, and some are just plain hard to schedule.

Add the weather to all of that and we could be having Christmas every day for a month!  The extra added burden is to try to get this all done before New Years.  Did I mention trying to figure out what to do on New Years while still shopping and wrapping for Christmas, after Christmas?

This is getting too complicated!

Friends of our family, many years ago, held their large family and friends holiday on the weekend after the Feast of the Epiphany.

They celebrated what we knew as "Russian Christmas," and it was their annual holiday celebration for family and friends...a one-time, all-at-once, tradition.

Now, I think I know why this would be a good thing for me!

This celebration comes twelve days after Christmas, next on January 6, 2011.

By waiting until after the first of the year, I would have time to take in the after-Christmas sales and the beginning of the January white sales!  I could discount my holiday purchases by 70%!!!  If I could hold off decorating, I could probably even get a break on that $45.00 tree!

And, by then, no one I know has anywhere they have to be.  It's January, it's cold and dull and people are almost ready for another party!

The greatest thing?  If my guests don't come to this party, they have to wait until the next Christmas before thinking about the present thing again.  No pressure to shop for the holiday after that!  It's January...what do you expect?  Christmas presents on Valentine's way!  It's over!

I'd have another month to get to Christmas cards, I could actually relax at any and all December parties, and when asked that perennial question my answer would be, "Oh no, I don't start any shopping for Christmas until after Christmas...could I have another Hot Rum and Brandy, a double please?"

That would be swell.  Imagine, a stress reduced, one-shot holiday.

Nice thought, but I shouldn't be rambling...we're having Christmas again this week and I have some shopping, wrapping and baking to get to!


  1. So, party, your place, Jan.6?

  2. It's a party here every, spouse, meals, cleaning, laundry, shopping, pick which party you'd like to host!