Saturday, January 22, 2011

Rakish Behavior

Can you believe I'm raking the roof?

I spent two months raking leaves off the lawn, now I have to rake things off the top of the house?  What's next, raking the trees?

The artist in me is saying, "Go indoors,warm up by the wood stove to warm the body and conjure up a creative project to warm the soul, and put on some good music, like the Bee Gees."

An artist needs time and space!

The wife next to me is saying, "You need space?  Go outdoors and do something about that snow that's forming icicles that are hanging off the roof!  And that'll take some time, too!  When you're done you can think about playing with your paints and listen to your Bee Gees!"

They're my Bee Gees.  No one else in the house listens to them, unless I'm playing them and then they're forced to.  The tunes stay with times, I don't always remember the lyrics, but the energy of the music is good and gets one moving...Jive Talkin' is good roof raking music.  I have to figure out how to hook up an outdoor speaker!  Just like the best of "Stayin' Alive" is now the recommended beat for CPR, Jive Talkin' could be the next snow removal tool!

Of course, I had to make up some of my own as you listen to the guys belt out this tune, you can follow along with my verse below!

Wife Talkin'

 It's just my wife talkin'. She's making me work, yeah.
Wife talkin', should wear a disguise.
Wife talkin', she don't understand, yeah.
Wive talkin', work before fun.

Oh, my wife, you'll never know
Just what rakes do to me.
Oh, my wife, make me do so much;
It's gonna take away my energy.
With all your wife talkin', you're making me work, yeah.
Glaring sun gets in my eyes.
Nobody believes what I say.
It's just your wife talkin' that stops all my play!

Oh, my wife, you're so good at finding work to do.
There you go with your fancy lists,
Leavin' me lookin' like an overworked fool.
With all your wife talkin', you're making me work, yeah.
Wife talkin', should wear a disguise.
Wife talkin', she don't understand, yeah.
Wife talkin', work before fun.

You know now, work talkin' is all very fine, yeah.
Wife talkin' just isn't a crime.
And if there's somebody you'll love till you die,
Then all that wife talkin' just tears up your eye.

More to come on that...

Meanwhile, back at the snowed in farm.  I was allowed back in the house, but was too beat to do anything creative.  You probably can see by the photos here that there are no sidewalks to shovel, just a 300 foot driveway!  And, the weather forecaster is saying, "More snow this week," so I'll be sure to come up with some more lyrics (as long as you don't tell my wife I'm writing these things)!


  1. Phil, I understand what you're saying...what did your wife make you do today? And, if you picked a favorite group and tune, what song would you use to write lyrics for her?

  2. I finally had a few moments to catch up on some of your recent blogs. I do agree with you that the Bee Gees still rock. I have my original album from college, Main Course, 1975,pristine condition. Your wife listened to it many times in Cheney Hall. Also, have Best of the Bee Gees, 1969. I'm not sure I appreciate the "Wife Talking" lyrics. If wives didn't make gentle suggestions nothing would done, including roof raking and driveway clearing. Our sidewalk is clear and ready for the next storm. By the way, the following places are less than a mile walk on sidewalks from our house: post office, public library, 2 drug stories, 1 grocery store, 2 auto parts stores, 6 hair salons, hospital, dentist, dr.'s office, eye dr.'s office, fairgrounds, movie theater, Stewart's, 5 banks, 3 pizza parlors,bowling alley, village pool, McDonalds, Burger King, Arby's, 1 hardware store, blah, blah, you get the picture. However, it is a 3 mile round trip, all on sidewalks, to Walmart. Can't carry much back but it is good exercise. Cheers!

  3. Denny, thanks for pointing out everything you access from your sidewalk that would take me about seven hours to drive to! I may need another drink. As for the "Wife Talkin'" lyrics, what did you read that made you think of the words "gentle suggestions?"

  4. Gentle Suggestions=nagging
    Now she expects me to bake cookies !!!!!

  5. Phil, you might check out my blog about cookie recipes from before long as she's making gentle suggestions about having cookies in the house!

  6. jive talking to them ice-cycles... careful.. karma... beuwwww...beuwww..jive talking..dah..dah..da-da...jive talkin.. eric h

  7. To Anonymous (Eric)....wha???????

  8. I get it now! You go to the post not the followers and hit comments under the post and simply do what I'm doing now! Right? I'm now commenting on a specific post. I also see I have to choose a profile! I'm going to choose Google Account, I guess!

  9. You've done can do this on any blog post, commenting on individual ones! Google is good as you have a google account already!

  10. PC- I feel your pain. Our driveway is literally a sheet of ice. I have death dares with myself when trying to get to the garage in the morning. If you have an MP3 player and some old computer speakers you can plug them in for some outside fun. This won't prevent more roof raking but at least you will have some good tunes to listen to.

  11. AP...Thanks for the idea...maybe when one of the boys aren't looking I can swipe one of their players and hook up the luck there's probably a noise ordinance out here in the woods (scaring animals or something or some sort of anti-Bee Gees organization), but I'll try it. I see maybe some more snow? I had a sheet of ice on top of my car, stuck between the carry bars on top...kept sliding back and forth making an awful noise...I picked up three feet square of ice, about two inches thick, off the top of the car and am thinking of making it into some sort of ice sculpture..any ideas?

  12. jive talkin.. thanks.. i cant get that song out of my HEAD!!!!!

  13. Eric...could be worse, might not have anything in your head!