Monday, July 26, 2010

In Sync In The Summer

Wikipedia defines synchronicity as "the experience of two or more events that are apparently casually unrelated occurring together in a meaningful manner."

I've long believed in the power of synchronicity and try to pay attention to the full meaning whenever it happens. It has been said that nothing that happens is random; all events are for a reason. Many times, we have to find the deeper meaning or the answer that the clues are meant to provide.

I reported yesterday that we didn't do much...too hot. In fact, I did make a trip to town for Chinese food. We happen to like Pork or Chicken Fried Rice, Lemon Chicken and, especially, General Tso's Chicken.

45 years ago, if the family wanted Chinese Food, we went to the A&P store and bought La Choy Chop Suey, Chicken Teriyaki or Beef Chow Mein in a can, heated them up and put them over La Choy rice noodles (the hard crispy ones), and finished it off with a lot of soy sauce. The pineapple chunks in the Teriyaki were the best. There weren't any Chinese restaurants anywhere near our house. The closest, and this we discovered 10 years later, best one was in just outside of Albany, a good 45 minute ride by car.

These days there seem to be Chinese food establishments in towns small and large...there are three within 15 minutes of us where we live now.

So, too hot to cook, in need of salt replenishment, off I went to pick up the pre-described menu. When we called and placed the order, we got the same response we always do, "10 minutes."

It takes 15 minutes to get there, so I'm halfway out the door when the phone hits the docking station (note: not receiver hits the cradle, although we still have one of those phones, too).

I took the time to swing by Stewarts to pick up soda. Of course, the food was ready when I got to Yang's Kitchen, and I paid and left, dinner in hand.

Chinese food is packed in several fashions. If you order a lot of food, you get a cardboard box, with everything neatly arranged, cardboard panels in between large flat items, and soy sauce, duck sauce, and fortune cookies spread across the top.

Last night's order was a small one, just the two of us for dinner. It came packed in a paper bag, which was placed inside a plastic bag (always, in case of seepage or spill), menu and fortune cookies on top of it all.

I arrived home almost at the same time I left, and we dined outdoors on the deck. It had started cooling down by then and we enjoy eating out there.

Later on, I did up the few dishes (remember I work for my wife these days), packed the leftovers away in the fridge (they always provide a ton of rice so there's food for days) and took the paper bag out of the plastic bag, as nothing had spilled, and folded up the bags to put away in storage for future use.

As I was folding the paper bag, I found a piece of brown cardboard that fit the bottom of the bag occupying that space. I reached in the bag, pulled out the board and put in on the table so that I'd put it in with the paper recyclables next trip downstairs.

This morning, when I saw the cardboard on the table, I grabbed it to take to the basement. When I picked it up I turned it over and, lo and behold on the other side, well...see the picture above!!! That's all that was printed on the reverse!!!

Chinese Food? Made in China? Wow!!! How do they get it here in 10 minutes???

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