Sunday, July 25, 2010

Summer Day Off

What I figured out today is that it's too hot to do anything, even blog.

I spent some time sorting, staying indoors to keep cool, and came across this photo. It was in a group of pictures that my grandmother most likely belonged to her mother-in-law or one of her husband's brothers, as it came from this area of New York State, close to where the great-grandmother and her sons lived for many years.

So many old photos have no names on them. We want to know who they are and what they did, and how they ended up, but without someone around to recognize them they are lost to time.

This picture has the name E. Marchio on the back. It was taken in Kingston, NY at Shorts Studio. They had shops at 9 East Strand and at 329 Wall Street. That's all I know. The name does not appear in any of my family searches.

I'm just taking the time to share a beautiful picture, very much of its time...I'm thinking very early 1900's. I have thought of advertising it locally to see if anyone recognizes her or the name as a possible ancestor.

What I can tell you is that nobody would be dressed like that today!!! With or without the heat!!!

Happy summer.

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