Sunday, December 19, 2010

City Sidewalks, Busy Sidewalks

Another short post, tonight.

This one a public service announcement five days before Christmas for you last minute shoppers or, as it's known around our house, about time I started thinking about doing some shopping myself.  I still have five full days!  Can practically make anything I want to give.

For those of you who need retail help, here's a site I came across today and, from its appearance, you can order all sorts of stuff.

When I was growing up in towns, I used to like to walk uptown or, later when we moved up the hill, downtown and go store to store on Christmas Eve doing my shopping.

I liked mingling through the crowds, talking to people I knew (and some that I didn't) and I enjoyed that energy of the holiday.  Something really fulfilling about walking home with bags full of gifts too!

These days, as I don't live near a sidewalk (have I told you that, yet?), it's a long, lonely ride to the mall, far away from home, to a place where I don't know anyone, and then another long ride back...not like the old days.


I digress. Whether you live near a sidewalk and can manage a walk for you shopping, or if you need to get in a car to do it, remember that if you order on line and have all of that stuff sent to your house you'll be missing the crowds (or maybe not missing them, hmmm)...Happy Pre-Holiday...check out this video for a "crowd fix."

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