Friday, December 31, 2010

No Sidewalks, Still Celebrating

We're ending the year with a push..trying to get as much family and friends together as we can...Christmas one more time with family who couldn't make it down earlier; they're driving in from all over the state.

Then a nice dinner tonight with friends who live,  not close enough for us to walk to their houses, but we'll manage anyway!  We'll drive...I think there's a sidewalk outside the restaurant.

Finished the rest of the Christmas wrapping this a.m., I think we're done!  Now, just getting the house ready for a bit...Aunt Bea used to say, as she walked by the dust on her furniture and the dishes in the sink, "Are they coming to see me or see the house?  If they're coming to see me, I'm here.  If they're coming to see the house they needn't bother!"

Our family and friends come to see us!  Besides, dust is important, it's a fine protective covering for our furniture!

Not much more today.  I'm sure I'll have a bit to post after today's festivities. 

In the meantime, just Happy New Year.

Got the count down on the side here, in case you lose track of the day!

Hope 2010 was kind to you; hope 2011 is better!

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