Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sidewalk Resolutions

I have two choices with this title.

I can either share my list of stuff to be sure to do for the coming year, which you may be expecting, or provide various photographic shots of know, focusing (pun intended) on aperture, zoom, other settings, locations, and all of the graphic stuff that goes along with the highs and lows of photo resolution. 

As it's my brother, and not I, who is the professional photographer, I'll stick to the pseudo-personal-prophecy stuff and let you in on what I have planned for 2011.

Grab a Dewars and water and enjoy!

1.  Buy more Dewars.  I've given tribute to this grain-nectar in my blog postings several times and want to be sure to keep up with the image I'm portraying...truth in advertising, you know.

2.  Follow up on a bacterial test for our well water.  I had one done in mid-2010 and was told that doing the same each six months would ensure that we were aware that the water we are drinking is safe.  Seems that there are unacceptable levels of bacteria that can inhabit well water.  They can come from a variety of sources that I'd rather not think about (and my wife talks to the chipmunks in the front yard, encouraging them to stay).  I told the water testing place that I had an additive for the water I drink that purified it...Dewars!

3.  Buy more stock in Dewars.

4.  Keep blogging daily and send out more reminders to readers and potential readers to increase my number of followers.  Also, encourage more comments and solicit ideas for posts.  Maybe have a contest and award a prize to the person who gets the most people in their circle of friends to sign up and for the most comments!  First prize perhaps, what do you think, Dewars?

5.  Continue the search for a sidewalk, to which we might move closer.  Places sidewalk will provide connection to include a house, coffee shop/cafe, grocery store, gift/toy shop, antique shop, art/craft shop and museums, florist, post office, barbers shop (do they still make them?), something else I'm forgetting?  Oh yeah, liquor store...Dewars!

6.  Follow through on signing up for education and art classes.  Some of them may be on-line, others offered at spots in surrounding towns to which I'll have to drive.  As I never drink before driving, I should get my class schedule set, find out just how much I'll be driving (as in time on the road, at class and back) and reassess portfolio distribution as regards stock in Dewars.

7.  Paint the deck this Spring or Summer, cut and chop wood on our property for use during cold months, do something about about dying hemlocks in front yard, contact town about water running off the road through our property, and find something to do with the gazillion acorns that fall in our yard each year.  Set goals for each, by writing out a plan, follow through and have a rewards for the completion of each.  Are you thinking what I'm thinking?  Dewars and water.

8.  Enjoy family and friends more.  Stress less about the time spent driving too and from places to meet with them.  Come up with relaxation techniques while driving safely.

9.  Visualize walking on sidewalks, perhaps, as I'm driving the complete length of the thruway to visit with family for half an hour.  "Think" sidewalks as I'm driving an hour to get a gallon of milk.  "See" sidewalks as I return to town because I forgot to get eggs, too.  Repeat, over and over, "there's no place like a sidewalk, there's no place like a sidewalk," as I prepare for trips to the mall.

10.  Many gurus will tell you, think it and it's yours.  I'll work on that.  And when I return home from my automobile adventures that would not take place if I were connected to those places we need with a sidewalk, I'll take solace in the fact that I will have a sidewalk of my own someday soon.   Until then, it's me and my wife, the two boys still at home, and our four cars to get us to our daily needs, and my Dewars.


  1. I'm totally on board with the I win? LOL How come there wasn't any 'creating of art' in your resolution? Yes, writing is art, but don't forget your other gifts!!!

  2. We'll see about awarding the prize...still waiting for the New Year's partying group to wake up! And, gee, the art stuff...I did leave that out, didn't I? Guess a bit of Dewar's fog set in...time for more resolutions! More painting and drawing and maybe sculpture...more on that!

  3. I resolve in 2011 to:

    1. gain some weight
    2. watch more TV

    I feel you should go with your strengths.


  4. left off #3, as long as you're playing off your strengths, "whine more!"