Thursday, December 16, 2010

Who's a Christmas Sugar Cookie Monster?

Update....the cookies are done!  Started early this a.m. and managed to get all ninety dozen decorated and packed away by 3:00 p.m., EST.  You might say it's a monstrous chore, but it's a happy and good tasting one!

The process starts with taking all of the holiday decorations off the tables in the dining room and kitchen, moving all of the chairs out of each room, and clearing off the counters to make room for frosting creation and utensil disarray (it gets messy).  Basically, un-decorating these rooms after we spent time getting them ready for the holidays!

We put everything back after the frosting extravaganza, but it's worth it.

My wife took care of moving all of the aforementioned hardware.  I secured all of the secret ingredients (I told you before I wasn't sharing that), and started laying out the baked cookies on the empty table space.  The dining room table gets all three leaves installed, so it's about ten feet long, and the kitchen table gets covered too.

Here, on the right and just below, are what some of them look like pre-decoration.  With so many to fix up for the holidays, these first two table fulls have to be frosted and left to dry.  Then we pack these up and do the process all over again with the balance of the cookies.

A very crucial part of the whole process is quality control and inventory.  We end up losing a dozen or so to on-going taste testing...we do have some "cookie monsters" in the house, and I do understand that the product is checked so that they are good from start to finish.

It's a tough job, but, well you know.

Now, I will admit that I do like the things myself, but I try to control's the season of giving and I attempt to keep as many as possible for gifting and sharing over the holidays.

This year, as I have in each year past, I keep a tally of the frosted cookies as I put them away for safekeeping.

I always prepare and use the green frosting first, and start with the trees. Apart from the fact that they are my favorite design (each shape tastes different...really!), I make sure all of the trees get some green frosting and then move on to the red.  With extra green frosting, and I seemed to have more of it than usual, I hit the bells, stars and reindeer.

The red gets applied to the boots and Santas, and then as added decoration to the trees, stars and bells.

Then it's on to white!  Santas and boots need it for trim, and then the extra goes to, yes, the bells, stars and reindeer.

When all is said and done, these two shots represent what the cookies look like:


My wife was keeping track of my "handling" of the cookies and as I was putting away the last cookies and cleaning up wondered out loud, "Just how many of those things did you eat?"

"Why," I asked?

"Well," she said, "Let me take your picture and see if you can figure it out!"

Here I am after this day's work:

OOPS!!!  Snagged..guess I'm a Christmas Sugar Cookie monster.  Sort of look like one, too!

What kind of cookie are you?  They have quizzes to figure that's one, while you're waiting for your cookie fix!

What Kind of Cookie are You

Find the perfect sugar cookie recipe at

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  1. Andrew came home and showed me how to change the picture used to show before the video starts. That huge hand was getting on my nerves.