Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Resolution Review

I thought it might be a good exercise for me to review the resolutions I made for 2011, seeing as I've all ready fallen behind!

While I believe that there are some who start out the year listing things they intend to do and never start, I was committed to writing something for my blog every day.  I did it for a whole three days straight!

I didn't get around to it yesterday and I don't seem to have a good reason for not doing it.

I didn't include anything about exercising more for the New Year.  My wife and I were very busy yesterday, shopping, visiting stores for gift exchanges and picking up a few groceries.  We do try to fit in some sort of hike or walk when she's off work and we did start a walk down the road, but it was so cold out we turned around barely 1000 feet from the house.  But, not a prob.  We didn't promise anyone that we were going to do that regularly.  So, I can't say that stopped me.

No commitments for eating less or dieting, either.  We had breakfast at home.  Grabbed a quick lunch at the mall (slice of pizza and a Diet Pepsi), and came home for a not-so-late dinner of leftover soup.

Managed to sneak in a few cookies, chocolates, potato chips, sodas, hot chocolates, snack crackers and cheese...hey, I said I wasn't dieting.

Dinner didn't take long to make, done well before prime-time TV set in.  Can't blame attention to dietary process.  Wasn't busy calorie counting or sneaking to the fridge when no one was looking!

I didn't vow to spend less time on the computer...that would have been at cross purposes to this endeavor.  Can't tell you how much time I spent near the machine, but I know I received and sent email messages and caught up on the news, via my browser.  It appears that I had the opportunity, so I'll need to reflect on this further.

Perhaps, I was upset by a card I received.  A long time friend sent me a holiday card that came in the mail yesterday.  Her message included a P.S., "We live on a corner with a sidewalk in front AND on one side!"  That hurt.  But, would it have stopped me?  Nah.  That's food for blogging and, besides, it means she's reading my stuff...that should have spurred me on!

There were no weather factors involved.  We're more than 100 miles north of New York City and, while they're still digging out more than a week after the last snowstorm,  no one's waiting for me to show up down there and help them out.

And, there were no people distractions.  Our youngest was distracting himself pulling on an in-grown toe nail for hours and the others weren't home last night.  My wife busied herself with helping the toenail patient a bit, some crossword work and some TV, but she did those things on her own, so I wasn't otherwise busied.

I went back and re-read all of my resolutions and there it was!

Or wasn't!

I forgot to list the most important resolution of all.  Resolve to follow through on all resolutions!

Furthermore, I checked around the web and talked to a few friends and guess what?  They didn't have that one listed either.

Unfortunately, I guess I'll just have to do the best I can with the ones that are left.  Without the direction of a directive, I'm not sure how the rest will play out.

I'll do my best and hope that next year I remember to add that resolution resolution.

And, if you forget that one, too, it can't be helped...heat's off for another year!

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