Friday, January 7, 2011

Resolution Revolution

My friend Wendy, from the left coast, sent me the link to a blog that covers happenings in San Diego.  The portion she linked me to, "Behind the Scene," highlights art and the art community. 

Check it out:

If you review the whole blog, you'll see that covers other topics, including politics, community, education and more.  It's put together very well, easy to read, and laid out nicely.

Wendy specifically noted a January 5th posting for me, "Local Artists' New Year's Resolutions."  She's always trying to inspire me to paint and draw and I very much appreciate her efforts in that matter.  In fact, and I'm telling her this here, after reading this I was "pushed" to get back to that seascape I started over the summer and I'll have some pictures of that to share with you soon.  Meanwhile, one of her works is in the upper right here and I have her web link on my blog, under "Friends."

The posting she sent me piqued my interest for another reason.  The writer asked others to send in their resolutions and they did!  Eight persons responded...that's great...and they added their heartfelt wishes for their artistic processes for the year. 

So, then I thought I should ask you what your resolutions are for the New Year!  Maybe that would inspire you to write.

But, that's being a copy-cat and, while imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and I admire the ability of the blogger to get people to respond to his idea (remember how I keep asking for comments?), I thought I should come up with another way to poke you to respond.

Here's my thought!  This should get a few of you going to the comment button (and knowing my audience I can't believe I'm actually suggesting this).  Why don't you send me your thoughts about what my resolutions for the New Year should be?

Seeing as I've all ready broken my course twice this year, and it's only the 7th, and there's a lot of similarities within my resolutions (Dewars), I thought I'd give you the chance to tell me what do to.  Be nice.

As always, if you  have trouble posting comments, let me know if you need help and be sure to sign up as a follower (hit "Follow" in the right column)...more is better!

I look forward to being told what to do!


  1. YOU SHOULD VISIT THE LEFT COAST SOON!!!!LOL We have seascapes to inspire you with and if you want to feel like a local, we opt for Patron rather than Dewars!

  2. Paul...I just read your blog for the first time and it's hysterical. I too live in a community with no sidewalks, but we are a mere 2 miles from a Starbucks...the true definition of civilization. I will continue to follow and look forward to the always were a hoot!! Take care. Cindy (Evangelow) Davis

  3. To Wendy: I'd love to visit the left coast and, as always, have only asked for airfare!!! As for Patron vs. Dewars, fortunately for anyone I visit, I'm Irish and not particularly particular...usually anything in a bottle with a number and a percentage sign after it does the trick! I fit in anywhere!!!

  4. To Cindy: I'm jealous...the only Starbucks around here is a guy with that name who hangs out at the local dude ranch bar. And thanks for the "hoot" comment...we did some birdwatching this a.m. (my wife does the serious birdwatching stuff, I just follow for the bits of crumbs she leaves for the birds). I was "hooting," too, just to throw off the naturalist...more on that later!!!