Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012!

I thought I should let you know that I have mixed feelings about resolutions this year.  Not that I haven't made any; I do have a short list on the fridge.

In fact, I compiled mine two days ago, well ahead of the official New Years' Eve Resolution Deadline.

You didn't know there was an official deadline?

Oh sure, you have to have them in writing before you have your first drink New Years' Eve.

If you wait any longer, there's the possibility that you will wake up New Years' Day and not recognize the handwriting, let alone understand why on earth you would write things like "wash my car every week so I get better gas mileage, beg my adult children not to move out as I would miss cooking for them, or take up smoking so I have something to list next year to give up (I'm never too out of it to discuss wine in my resolutions, unless it involves buying a winery)."

No, I made my list, but it is tainted by all of this 2012 Mayan talk.  You know, "the end."

Now, everyone I've heard from is saying, "2012 has to be better than 2011.  Given everything that happened with the weather, politics, family, economy, and more, the universe owes us a break."

Then, they write and ask me if I think that this December 21st "end of things," per the Mayans, is something to worry about.

Asking me if we should worry is akin to asking me if I put chocolate in my milk to make chocolate milk.  I worry about everything, twice over.

That's what gives me pause as I head into my resolutions, as some of them would involve activity after December 21, 2012.  I have to ask myself, do I want to put that much effort into something that's going "poof" in less than 365 days!

We all want to be better and have a better year, but just how good does one want to be if there's not going to be enough time for everyone to recognize how good you've been?

I could pay off the house or spend all of that money having fun instead.  If I'm not going to be living here after the 21st of December (and don't have to pay off the note), why bother.

A perennial resolution is to downsize, get rid of clutter, live with fewer things.  Well, if everything's going to be tossed into the universe in some sort of climatic explosion, why should I waste time lugging this stuff all over the place?

Of course, if I don't clean out that will reduce the exercise that I might get via that endeavor, so now I have to consider putting a resolution together providing me with just enough exercise to get me through the next eleven and three quarter months.

Then there's the "have more fun" resolution.  Fun gets tempered by work, family, responsibilities, and some state and federal laws.  Do I head into the New Year with my eye on a bigger, longer future, or deal with the Mayan Calamity and have more fun than I ever thought I could have?

See, this is why I'm perplexed.

As I did write my list of resolutions, I'm heading off in a direction to fulfill them all.

However, I think I will keep my eye open for a class on Mayan language and culture.

Perhaps I can get ahold of a copy of the ancient text that the Mayans put forth about the upcoming December date and figure out something before I get too engrained in being too good for my own good.

Send me your thoughts about 2012, the Mayans, and your resolutions!  We can worry together.  Happy New Year!

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  1. Happy New Year! And yes, 2012 is going to be a banner year - end or on end to the world. And if it is going to end, I think I'd rather not know, like you, I have enough to worry about! : ) Cheers to you Paul - keep writing!