Sunday, February 12, 2012

Poet's Walk

Poet's Walk
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Today we decided to take a walk
Somewhere near, where we could also talk.
We got in the car and headed west.
Took my car...heated seats are the best.
Just under an hour and we were there;
Easy to find, after paying bridge fare.
Only a few cars in the parking lot.
Little company on the trails is what we got.
On the web we took time to check out the place
And wanted something easy, no hills to face.
Trails were level, 'bout two miles out and back,
But the meadows and flowers the place seemed to lack.
Of course, it is winter and most plants are dead
And the birds were smarter than us to be there, instead
They probably had flown to places that were sunnier.
The fact we expected spring scenes made it funnier.
The wind blew cold and the bridge blocked the view
And sightings of other fauna were few,
But the thing that ended up perplexing us the most
Was the lack of who we expected as hosts.
The name of the place had us thinking we'd see
A poet sitting near or under each tree.
Instead, although we looked real hard,
The place that billed them was missing their bards!

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